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Northeast Ohio OEM Ovens and Dryers - Trinity Drying Systems

OEM ovens and dryers that substantially improve throughput rates, energy efficiency, and safety.

These are challenging times for industry, and such times call for new and novel solutions. When a Northeast Ohio customer challenged IFS to design a new OEM approach for faster, less costly parts drying, the opportunity to employ years of ideas sprang to life. We submitted patent filings in April of 2021 for a dryer oven design employing unconventional process air temperatures and novel geometries and airflow pathways.

Customer trials in Summer 2022 will demonstrate that materials can be dried with 25% less operating cost, while exceeding conventional hourly throughput rates by a factor of 2X. More importantly, the new designs will achieve these standards for a capital cost that is half those presently seen in the market for competitive dryers.

IFS will factory assemble smaller size units and will be prepared to construct larger units on site at your operations in 2023. If you would like to learn more about how this all might benefit your business, please Contact Us and reference Trinity Drying Systems.